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The McGrath family have a firmly embedded culture of giving back. This is illustrated in the numerous not for profit organisations they support. It is also very evident in the culture within Smart WFM.


Jarrod McGrath
Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Reading Opens Doors to future opportunities and choices

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) is a national charity working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote Communities across Australia. We are Community-led, responding to requests from remote Communities for culturally relevant books, including early learning board books, resources, and programs to support Communities to create and publish their stories in languages of their choice.

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Smart WFM Book Awards

The Australian Business Book Awards were established to recognise Australian non-fiction authors who are writing and publishing quality books on a diverse range of topics. The awards enter their fifth year in 2023 and they keep going from strength to strength. The Australian Business Book Awards are not for profit, supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. They have donated over $50,000 to the ILF.

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Supporting community 

The Western Sydney Wanderers have a real responsibility to support the community that supports them and are proud to use football as a vehicle to bring people together.  Key focus areas are multicultural, female football and all abilities.

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Yellamundie book

In the Dharug language, yellamundie means ‘storyteller’.

This collection of stories from 30 of Sydney’s Indigenous people will bring all Australians closer to the truth about the impact that colonisation has had on our First Nations people and how that impact continues today. Yellamundie is for all Australians, and while many of the stories contain sad elements, they are reflections of a beautiful culture that is still strong today, told in the words of the contributors, the co-authors. It is their truth. This is a place to hear the stories of many different people from different places and who have walked different journeys.

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Proud member of Pledge 1%

Building a Movement of Corporate Philanthropy

We want to change the world by inspiring early–stage corporate philanthropy. Pledge 1% is an easy way to leverage a portion of your future success to support nonprofits in your community. It’s a small commitment today that can make a huge impact tomorrow.

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Smart WFM Book Awards

“The support the Australian Business Book Awards have received from Jarrod and Michelle McGrath has been extraordinary. They have helped raise the profile of the awards dramatically, which has in turn had a huge impact on Australian authors and Indigenous literacy programmes.”

Michael Hanrahan, Co-Founder of The Australian Business Book Awards.